Some students from Coventry University recently visited Kadir Has University as part of a Linguae Mundi field trip.  The students spent time visiting the Cibali Campus and taking in some of the sights of Istanbul as shown in their photos.

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Read on to find out what the students thought about their experience:

Being able to use the Turkish language that I had learned during the Linguae Mundi programme was extremely rewarding especially when the people not only understood what you were saying but also replied back to you in Turkish. I had also picked up a lot more Turkish while being there just from talking to the locals which had helped me not only practice my Turkish but also improve it greatly.
Faduma Hussein, CU student

The highlights of the trip were amazing in terms of the beautiful weather throughout the week spent in Turkey, the group also had the chance to visit Kadir Has University, which was a good opportunity. All students represented Coventry University and they got the opportunity to speak with the course directors with regards to the courses that the university has and, in addition to the visit students could be given the opportunity to study at the University if they were interested.
Patrice Vernon, CU student

This time was important to visit Kadir Has University in Istanbul, we visited the University, the museum, inside the classrooms, and the teacher explained the school to give us configuration and beautiful scenic spots.
Qiuyuan Lu, CU student

I really enjoyed the trip overall and I would definitely recommend it. The week was an amazing experience and I am glad I had the opportunity to go.  I made a lot of new friends and some unforgettable memories.
Dale Clarke, CU student

One of my highlights of the trip was visiting Kadir Has University as I am considering studying a Masters there in International Relations next year after completing my History BA, which was the main reason that I applied for this trip and was given a place. I was able to meet the IR lecturer, who was very insightful and gave me his contact details so that I could ask for further information about studying there.  I had an amazing time and would happily do the trip all over again.
Sharlene Siwela, CU student

Of all the field trips I have been on, my trip to Istanbul was the most exciting one. The highlight of my trip was visiting the Hagia Sophia. I was able to fully understand why Dan Brown described it the way he did in his book and although it was different from what I had pictured, it was still majestic. The architecture and the building styles were simply beautiful and could easily pass in my book of world wonders.
Don-Baadom Vincent E., CU student

Spending one week in Istanbul was one of the best things I have done in my lifetime and I can tell you now I have done lots of things in my short lifetime. I love Istanbul and can easily admit to a major addiction for this characteristic destination. You cannot help but be engulfed in the cultural history and significance. So many tourists visit and enjoy adventures through the city, in which one day I am hoping to come back in Istanbul and make it home.
Abdizaziz Osman, CU student

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